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This ongoing class teaches the owner/handler to work with their dog in a more instinctual way than most classes! The dog learns focus and attention and builds a repetoire of behaviors to perform when around other dogs. This class is fun, fun, fun!

There are two routes for flyball fun. One is a local Santa Fe recreational demo group and the other is competitive team sport.   Once a month or so, The Enchantmutts to come practice with us.   A tri-city club, the Enchantmutts actively practice in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Edgewood and while they compete in tourneys around the country, they are mostly about local fun. Check them out.


Location: Santa Fe Dog Sports Field (Directions will be made available to class dog and owner teams)

Instructors: Deborah Tolar and The Enchantmutts
Prerequisite: Instructor permission-To register, your dog must generally get along with people, dogs,toys, food,  and generally come when called.

Email via the register form with questions and I will put you in touch!  Register Online: Click here

What IS Flyball?? 

For an amazing demonstration of what Flyball looks like in a competition setting and how exciting it is for you and your dog, click on the link below and check out this You Tube video: Dogz Rule Flyball Team

 A dog/handler team sport, flyball is a relay race of 4 dogs running a 65-foot course with 4 hurdles. A mechanical box tosses a tennis ball when triggered by the dogs feet! Dogs grab the ball in mid-air and return to handler over the hurdles. Fast-paced and fun, most dogs learn to enjoy a true partnership with handlers. Energetic dogs learn control, shy dogs gain confidence, and owners have a great time!

Activity level: Flyball is strenuous for dog and handlers.

Flyball is a four dog relay race in which each dog must jump over four hurdles; trigger a spring-loaded box that releases a tennis ball, dog grabs the tennis ball and races back to the finish line. Whew! Can your dog do this?


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