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Happy Dogs and Happy Owners

Cute – But Out of Control

Deborah Tolar has worked wonders for us and our dogs.  The boyz, as we call them, are two male miniature schnauzers about six years old.  While they already had some bad habits when we got them as juveniles, we failed to work consistently to curb behaviors like their demand barking and unfriendly challenges (yes, even nipping).  The problems were manageable when we lived out in the Virginia countryside, but in our new neighborhood in Santa Fe we encountered people and other dogs at every turn.  The lack of discipline and disruptive behavior were more than embarrassing.

With all of us badly in need of socialization, we called Santa Fe Dog for help.  Deborah worked with us in private lessons to win the boyz’ attention and install basic commands.  As we planned a trip with friends and their two dogs, we presented Deborah with a specific situation and deadline.  She worked in a local park to expose the boyz to other dogs at a distance.  Then she set up a special session to introduce the boyz to our friends’ dogs through measured, one-on-one encounters.  The training worked better than imagined, and everybody got along for a week in a shared house.

While we still have a way to go with the boyz, we can now enjoy the journey together – thanks to Deborah, Santa Fe Dog Trainer

~ Steve and Ed, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Bobble was 2 months old when I found her on the side of the road near Los Alamos. Hadn’t had a dog in decades. Not only was I clueless but she was shy and fearful and I didn’t know how to help her.

Found Deborah and for months we drove from White Rock to Santa Fe, every week, for classes she taught. She never gave up on Bobble, or me, giving us tips, guidance, and special attention when needed. Without Deborah I think Bobble would be a scared dog barking at everything and hiding from the world.

THEN Deborah opened her sports field in El Rancho! What a difference driving only 20 minutes from White Rock makes, for both of us. The dog sports and intermediate foundation classes taught outdoors, plus the short drive have brought Bobble to the next level. I swear Bobble smiles when at the sports field and I know Bobble adores Deborah. We’ll be taking more classes there this year. Can’t wait for new classes to start at the sports field.

~ K. Baldwin, White Rock


When I first contacted Deborah I was desperate.  My 2 year old English Cocker had changed from a sweet puppy to a very aggressive dog.  I was feeling the only alternative was to give him away.  However, someone suggested that I contact Deborah.  After only a few sessions I could see Spenser was on the way to becoming much more under control and confident.

Spenser not only behaved when Deborah was here for dog training, he continued to behave when she left — especially when we followed her training tips!!

I strongly recommend Deborah especially if you have a problem or aggressive dog.  She is the best!!

~ S. O’Shea, El Dorado, New Mexico


My life was out of control – I was bossed around by a 12 pound dog for 8 years. Deborah’s dog training class saved my sanity and I no longer feel guilty about my dog because I have more tools to deal with this wonderful animal and much, much more control.


~ L. Chamberlain, Santa Fe, New Mexico
My dog was becoming very aggressive, i.e. on his way back to the breeder – until we were told about an exceptional trainer here in Santa Fe, who specializes in dogs with behavioral issues.

Deborah was immediately able to understand our dog’s issues and reactions. She patiently worked with us and brought us to a point where we are able to better understand, manage his behavior and all live happily together. Deborah has a genuine gift as a dog trainer and thrives on the challenges associated with difficult situations. There is no one better.

~ L. Harradine, Santa Fe, New Mexico


I have a sweet Lab mix I adopted from the Shelter. She is really pretty good most of the time but sometimes she gets extremely nervous and that makes ME nervous. My fear is that she will not pay attention to me in a dangerous situation. After working with Deborah my dog is much more able to focus.

~ P. Gomez, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Through the years I have seen Deborah develop into an exceptional dog trainer. Fueled by the need to help her own adoptees and fosters she decided to pursue and perfect her craft. She has a true understanding of what dogs need and is also very capable of communicating and working with the humans to assure that both are on the same page. I think she has a sixth sense when it comes to seeing and sensing  certain dog behaviors before they happen. She would call it 1000 hour eyes. I just call it amazing and very intuitive.

I have heard many dog stories over the years and they all start with, ” I met this great dog today.” That is why she is such a success… because she sees the potential in each and every one.

~ S. Brown, Pojoaque, New Mexico

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