Santa Fe Dog offers private in-home dog training,
location work and classes

In-Home Training
In-Home Training 
is effective, efficient and convenient.  Often challenges faced in the home are contextual and will not surface in a ordinary class environment. At home, families and the dog are often more relaxed and much better able to concentrate on the lesson. This is the fastest and most effective training offered. The results are often remarkable because you learn to use your home logistics and familiar environment to your advantage. Convenient, efficient, and relaxed… in home training…call 505.983.4632 to see if in-home training is right for you and your dog.

Location Work
Often, after consultation, you, your dog and trainer will work “on location” at a dog park, downtown, the Santa Fe Dog Sports Field or out on the trails around Santa Fe.   This allows for consistent application of a “best practices” system to deal with the challenges presented to your dog by changing environments. Usually there are ample distractions for dog and handler in these situations that provide new opportunities for growth. So take it on the road….

Foundation Skill Classes are great exposure for dog and handlers to working in close quarters, and around other dogs and people in a controlled setting. Canines sometimes don’t generalize as easily as humans to new locales and situations, so the class environment is a good “Lab”. Pun intended…

Dog Sport Classes build confidence and skill for dog and handler. Introduce your dog to some recreational activities and feel your bond to your animal soar. Flyball, Disc Dog, Agility, Rally Obedience, Groundwork for Agility and Treiball.  Can’t Decide? Call and ask which class is right for your dog.  Or  take “Intro to Dog Sports” and test the waters. This introductory class is offered occasionally through out the year.  Come, Sit, Stay, Tug, it is all fine!


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