Training, Behavior Modification, and Dog Sports

In-Home Training -In Home visits will be scheduled only for dogs whose need, due to age or behavior make it the best for them.  I can help more dogs faster by scheduling efficiently at my studio. I train dogs and people how to be in public and in the home. I train specific tasks, cueing skills, obedience and help owners solve behavior challenges.

Studio Classes
Small classes at the in-town studio provide great exposure for dogs and handlers learn working in close quarters and around other dogs and people in a controlled setting. Currently I teach 3 or 4 classes of leash work via Rally Obedience or Rally +TEAM. Topics classes/workshops on enrichment and husbandry, will be held at the studio in fall 2022.

Sports Field Classes
Dog Sport Classes build confidence and skill for dog and handler. Introduce your dog to some recreational activities and feel your bond to your animal soar.  Currently ON HOLD.

Contact info

Santa Fe Dog, LLC
1807 Second St, Suite 42
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Have questions or cannot find what you are looking for on this website?
Call (505) 983-4632 or email Deborah Tolar for assistance.

I am a one-person operation. I am often booked 10-14 days in advance. My average phone conversation is 22 minutes long. By that time, I have qualified you and you have qualified me.  I do try to answer the phone directly as often as I can, and those folks often get scheduled first. Clients are seen Saturday-Tuesday. So I rarely answer the phone on days when I am working dogs but you can try.  I am aware that it is occasionally difficult to reach me. Keep trying!

I can also send you a list of other good local trainers contact info, just email me. See the link above. When you write, include phone number and a photo of your dog and the issues you are wanting to discuss! I might be able to call you as I read it and slot you in. 

I certainly do not mind referring you to the other good behavior oriented trainers in town. I want you to get what you need… for you! and your dog!